Saturday, January 08, 2005

Last Laugh
Jamie it seems, is still enjoying hearing on some of his emails. And in a response to fans wishing to see other funny emails he receives, here's what his latest entry had to say:

Saturday, January 08, 2005More emails that made me smile
I have had so many emails and comments on the site, about the funny emails I have received. Many of you have asked me to post some more.Here is a few more.....11/ Are you and Josh brothers?...p.s. he is the one who plays Goyle.12/ It says on you site that you were born on the 21st of July, 1989, so how old are you really?13/ Why don't you stop being nasty to Harry !14/ Are the teachers in Hogwarts any good? you lern lots of things in the class?15/ Why do you always do what Malfoy tells you to do? your bigger than him !16/ I saw a picture of you at the New York Premier, have you ever been to the U.S.A. ?17/ Will you be in the first three films ?18/ I am having a party next Saturday, would you like to come and bring the rest of the cast with you?19/ Is this Danille Radkliffs email address?20/..If I have asked you any silly questions, PLEASE don't post my email on your website.21/ Why do the Weasly family all have red hair? That's stoopid.22/ This is my first email to you, does anybody else ever send you emails?23/ I can act better than Dan or Emma, so please give me the directors number so I can get the part of Harry or Hermonie.24/ Are you happy being in the films, or would you like to be poor?25/ Your lucky to have a computer that you can use to send emails, the one I got cant.26/ Is Devon Murray ( Seamus ) taller than you in real life ?

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