Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Jamie's latest update
Nothing big in the filming news, but as always, Jamie's more than gracious enough to let us know how he's doing and what's what.
Monday, January 24, 2005
Hi everyone.No Harry Potter news at the moment, I'm still waiting to be called back to the studio. I have only have about 7 days filming left on G.O.F....between now and March.I went to the cinema last week to see the film "white noise"....cant tell you if it was any good......The ticket lady at the Vue cinema (WARNER BROS.) would not believe that I was 15, and refused me entry!!!....And to make it worse......She let my friends in and they are 6 inches shorter than me!I will update my FAQ's soon to include questions I have been asked ( more than a few times ) in emails sent to me recently......I have not signed for the next film yet....And I don't know of any of the cast being offered yet....I don't think the next film will be made until next year, so no hurry yet ;-)Have been listening to Non Phixion, Necro and Oasis....Now there's a mixture :-)Thanks again to all of you who sent cards, letters and emails to me....Its really nice you do it.A belated "sweet sixteen" to Jacqueline <3...and>

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