Sunday, December 05, 2004

Jamie's Update
Jamie had a few things to say on his diary sect of his Official Site. And some commenting on the scene/set of the Yule Ball.
Here's his words:
Hi everyoneSorry I haven't posted for a while as I have been studying for my "mock GCSE" exams next week.At the studio, we have all been having dance lessons for the Yule ball, which we will be filming very soon. The set for the ball is fantastic, probably the best set in all the four films, even if I was allowed to tell you what it looked like, I would not be able to describe how good it really looks!Tried to buy all my friends and family's Christmas presents this weekend, but will have to go out next weekend to finish the shopping, working and studying all week, the shops are all closed by the time I get home.Mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I told her I wanted some time in a "real" recording studio, she agreed, but I may not be able to go before February or March because of the filming schedule.Thanks to everyone who has sent me Christmas cards and a special thank you to "Becky H" for the kind gift she sent me, I will share them with the rest of the cast.Will update again before Christmas, Enjoy your Christmas shopping, only 19 shopping days left!

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