Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Tom Updates his blog
And to boot, he's having another meet and greet as well. This is what he had to say at his site/blog.

I didn't do that much at the week-end but I went shopping on Saturday and got some new good CD's. Nothing like music to keep you happy - it's one of my favourite things to do and I love listening to music as much as I can. I really need another CD rack as I have so many that they are now piled up on floor and my mum gets mad at all the mess! Still, I know where they all are so I hope she doesn't tidy anything up because I'll never be able to find anything again!
Well, we tried to book Milton Keynes for an autograph signing but couldn't find a venue that could cope with the security issues. The shopping centres proved a no go area so we have had to move on to other places that can cope. So a BIG SORRY to those who were going to travel to Milton Keynes but the good news is that we are going to have an autograph session back at THE CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB at Stamford Bridge, London SW6 1HS where they are very happy to host us. It's going to be on 27TH NOVEMBER starting at 10am for 3 hours or so. There's not going to be a football game on so it's usually quiet there so don't be put off if you think there's going to loads of football supporters around! I've got some new photos and posters available that no one has seen before. Last time, people came into the room, chose their photo and I signed it and the whole thing takes about 20 minutes. ONLY DEDICATED AUTOGRAPHS.
A4 signed photos will be £15. Un signed posters £5. NO E BAY SELLERS. Anyone who is a fan club member with their membership card will get a free new photo for being a loyal fan! It will be the same as before in that you can bring your own cameras for a photo of you and me together. If you weren't there at the last signing in July have a look at the website to see what it was like. Mums/parents are welcome to accompanyyour daughter - my mum will be there to make sure I'm ok so your adults can be there to make sure you are OK!! There was a really nice atmoshphere last time so I look forward to seeing you all again and to seeing some new faces!!
It looks like we have got a date for Cologne and that date is December 18th. We're hoping to have it in a nice hotel in Rheinsaal 2,3 and Rheinpfalz and I will sign photos for the day and all my German fans can take photos. I will let you know very shortly the hotel name when the date is confirmed. Hope you like the new photos of the ladies who help with the Fan Club. See you soon.
Love Tom x

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