Thursday, November 11, 2004

Tom doing another meet & greet
This time it will be in Germany. One of our most accomodating and fan-friendly stars of Harry Potter is at it again!
At trying to please his fans that is. Tom has just updated his blog again at his site; in order to let his German fans know that he has set up a time, date and place to meet him. Thisdate and time it will be DECEMBER 18th, from 10.00 - 16.00. And the place is:
D-50679 KOLN
The telephone number and email address for the Hyatt Regency is the following:
Telephone (49) 221 828 12 34
For any who wish to check it out or make reservations.
And he had this to say about it:
There will be A4 colour photos which I will dedicate to you or someone else if it is a present and they will cost 20 Euros. There will be posters of different pictures of me for 10 Euros ( unsigned). There will be T shirts ( skinny Lycra vests) for 20 Euros with my picture on the front. The procedure will be that we have a room booked for waiting fans and they will come into my room, choose a photo or anything they want to buy and if they want they can have a no charge picture of you and me on your own cameras. Look at the Chelsea Launch on July 17th in England for some of the photos taken of me and fans!
It takes about 15 mins to get an autograph signed when you are actually in the room I am in. My mum wil be there and 3 helpers ( one speaks fluent German) as I am sorry but I can't speak the language unfortunately. There wil be 2 security men as well.
I hope to do some sightseeing on Sunday and I am flying home Sunday night (19th December) back to Heathrow. This is the only signing out of England for some time as I am filming so I look forward to seeing you then!
Love Tom x

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