Thursday, September 16, 2004

Rowling Strikes Back!
This has Got to be her best idea for her site yet! At her site, J.K.Rowling , she now has a 'Rubbish Bin'. What is it? Exactly as it says. It is a place to find all and any 'inaccuracies' about her, her books, or anything related to either. She actually has put it pretty kindly, but the truth is, there IS a lot of 'rubbish' from the who knows how many rumor mongers on the internet. And this is her hopes at setting what's fact and what's, well, Not. Be sure to check it out! Look for the gum wrapper next to the the coffee cup (Extra Stuff).

Also, be sure to break the pen on the left side, to reveal a new hunt. ;)

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