Friday, September 24, 2004

Another report from Jamie
Jamie dropped in another note at his site today. This time speaking on deleted scenes and such from the upcoming PoA release in DVD. He had this to say:

The launch of the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD is coming soon and I cant wait.Even though I have seen the film a dozen times at the movies, there is so much going on, you miss lots of things.I really like seeing the interviews, the "extras" and the "deleted" scenes that are included. With a DVD, you can stop, rewind, pause etc. and really see the detail (and the mistakes) that make the films so special. So much of the Polyjuice scene with Josh and myself was cut out of the film, it was great to see again on the DVD.I must say at this point, I honestly don't know what deleted scenes will be in the DVD, so much of the filming that we do is cut, but if every scene that was filmed was put in, the DVD would be about 8 hours long!One of the scenes that was not in the film that I really enjoyed and hope is included, was Devon Murray; (Seamus Finnigan) in Professor Lupin's class where he changed a vampire (Devon's boggart) into a woman in a bikini, (my mum said she was like Carmen Miranda)Professor Lupin starts playing music and she starts dancing, then everybody starts dancing in a conga line.I joined in the conga line, but Malfoy gets angry with me and he hits me, it was a very funny scene!

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