Monday, September 06, 2004

Another Gathering
This one is also in the UK, and is called Collectormania6. It's what it says. A Collectors' show. Mostly it seems to hold interest to Sci-Fi fans, but there are people of all sorts there. So far there are five Harry Potter cast members shown to be attending this years, which are all scheduled (currently) on Sunday, October 3rd and a party. There is also an Exclusive 1 hour talk with the actors set up. Tickets seem to be going on sale seperately for this however.
For the events specifics, go to THIS page.
The current HP cast members set to attend are:
James & Oliver Phelps, Mathew Lewis, Devon Murray, and Jamie Waylett.
Of course, please be aware, this is subject to change.

This years' showing will be at Milton Keynes, Friday -October 1st through Sunday -October 3rd, 2004.
Hope many of you can get to see the showing. And don't forget to send in any pictures you might catch of your favorite Harry Potter cast member! :D

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