Monday, August 16, 2004

Secret Door opens again!
Ok folks! It's Back to Rowlings' site again with you! On the main page, go to the small black coil, next to the golden key. It always gives the symbol of a question mark when your cursor is over it. Enter there, and open the door to see what secrets lie within. It's rather a fun mystery you have to sort out to get the piece from the next book.
Here's the how to on seeing what's inside:
On to our clues part for the Secret Door at Rowlings' site. First, open the door. You won't see much, but if you look here

you will see a light switch you must toggle that's lined up with the windowsill. After you turn that on, you will need to pick up the darts. One at a time, and in this order, place the darts at 7-1-3. These will open a vault behind the dartboard. The combination to the vault is 302723. You will then see a piece of paper lying within the vault. Click it for an excerpt of her upcoming book..

BTW, thanks to two readers, Marc and Mario, for reminding me to put up a notice. The door once again has her famous 'Do Not Disturb' sign back on it.
So here's to hoping for another clue of her upcoming book!

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