Thursday, August 26, 2004

Another Set Report of GoF (by Newsround)
CBBC Newsround caught wind of some filming of The Goblet of Fire, and got a scoop on some of what's happening, also some pictures to go along with it! Here's what they had to say:

I went into a bookshop to ask for directions and a friendly film crew member revealed that filming was going on in two locations.
Bright green Warner Bros signs pointed to where they were filming.It wasn't hard to find because there were massive green signs showing you where to go! Just then, a minibus pulled up and a whole load of crew got out, so I followed them to see where they were going.
They went into New College which looked like it would be used for filming Hogwarts scenes.
A man carrying a long, dark coat - the costume for Mad Eye Moody - went in, followed by a car with Dame Maggie Smith who plays Professor McGonagall, in it. This was definitely the place to be to see some action!
Then all of a sudden, a bucket of water from above fell on me! And then another! It turns out they were filming on the roof and were wetting it by chucking buckets of water everywhere.
While drying myself off, I then heard someone shout 'Action!' and then the booming voice of Mad Eye Moody, played by Brendan Gleeson, echoed through the air.
Crabbe and Goyle
Malfoy's pal Goyle takes a break from filmingThe doors to the college opened and I could see a courtyard inside. Some kids dressed in black Hogwarts robes were walking around inside, including Malfoy's pals Crabbe and Goyle.
Then about 50 kids dressed in raincoats to cover their robes came out in rows of two - as if they were actually in school - and marched up to the Bodleian Library where they disappeared inside.
Soon word spread that Potter filming was going on and a crowd of people had gathered to have a peek.
But the action was over after that and it all went quiet until lunchtime when food was brought in for the hungry film stars.

Here are some photos of the shoot:
1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

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