Monday, July 19, 2004

New Poll at J.K. Rowlings' site
Go to Rowlings' Official Site for her new poll on questions to be answered.  The latest is of three to choose from:
*Is Percy working undercover for any secret organization/boss?
*Where has Peter Pettigrew been since the end of Goblet of Fire?
*What did Dumbledores' Howler mean to Aunt Petunia when it said "Remember my last"?
To vote on which you'd like her to answer; go to the above site, and click on the paperclips (F.A.Q.), then click on About the Books.  You'll then see a paper tucked behind the parchment on the left.  Click on F.A.Q. poll
So far the last question is in the lead.  So go let your vote count, and see how Rowling answers. ;P

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