Friday, July 16, 2004

Daniel , Emma , and Rupert in a magazine interview
YP: Daniel, how did you get your Harry Potter big break?
DR: Dumb luck, I auditioned for David Copperfield because my mum'sfriend was involved I was in the right place at the right time.thetheatre, when Harry Potters producer David Hayman was in the front row.I never seriously thought of acting until I started Harry Potter. Now Iam definitely doing number four. It wouldn't be easy seeing someone elseplaying Harry after four films, but if it happens I would have to get used to it.
YP: Do you really need glasses?
DR: No they are just glass. In one scene I had to act as if I had lostmy glasses but could see perfectly, which was very irritating. So I hadto concentrate on making my sight blurry.
YP: Are you, Emma and Rupert buddies?
DR: The bond just gets stronger and stronger. We do have arguments - emheated discussions, I mean - but really good friends.
YP: You guest-starred in the West End play The Play What I wrote. Whatwas it like?
DR: I did it three times. The first time I forgot my lines and I had tobe saved, the last time, I walked on, tripped over the curtain andlanded on my face. I was like, "Oh-my-god, three people from my schoolare here, and they are seeing me in a dress". That was the most nervewracking experience. I wore a blond wig, and a bright pink and bluedress. I'm never going to live that down.
YP: What's it like growing up on the Harry Potter sets?
EW: The first Harry Potter was scary, very daunting, I didn't understandthis massive whirlwind. Now I'm familiary with everything. I feel verymore confident. Do I long to be an adult? No I am having a good timebeing a teenager - it's a time of discovery and making mistakes andlearning from them - and I intend to enjoy it as much as possible.
YP: What's the toughest thing about filming?
EW: The long hours, long days and being away from friends and family.
YP: Does the 3rd Potter picture feel different?
EW: Well its darker and scarier. The first introduced family characters,in the second you got to know characters. This is my favourite becauseHermione, Ron and Harry fall out, which hasn't happened before. Alsothere are lots of new characters, like Sirius Black and the dementors.
YP: What do you enjoy about performing?
EW: The stunts are fun. I don't mind being swung around, and I love thetheatre, singing and dancing.
YP: Do you get on well with Rupert and Daniel?
EW: It's amazing how we get on - I text where we're not together.Though, we do need to escape form each other sometimes.
YP: Rupert, how do you juggle fame, filming and school?
RG: Life is pretty much as it was before, except Japanese people send mebirthday presents, and I get recognises sometimes which is weird! I goto school for exams, but I have never been top of the class, so I prefertutoring - fewer distractions. My school friends just behave normally,which helps. Also I've got lots of little sisters and we still argue andstuff.
YP: Did you honestly like Ron's pet rat Scabbers?
RG: I think rats are cool so I didn't mind doing scenes with Scabbers.The Animal department shaved bits of his fur off so he would lookmanky, but he is really a nice healthy rat who had a make over.
YP: Have you and Ron changed in the 3rd Potter movie?
RG: I'm taller and my voice has broken. Ron changes, there's theHermione budding romance thing going on. Yeah I relate to Ron because weboth have ginger hair, big families, and I'm scared of spiders like him.But I'd like Ron to turn a bit evil, that's be cool. I've always wantedto play an evil person!
YP: Describe your average day on the set?
RG: I get up early, go to the studios 45 minutes away, have breakfast,costume, hair, and make up. Hen I either go to tutoring, or on set,depending if they're ready. On set the director runs us through thescene, we'll rehearse it a couple of time, and then start filming
YP: What was the worst thing about filming?
RG: The rat peed on me! And the clothes - unfortunately Ron stillwears his Weasley sweaters, so I never got to experience normal clothes.
YP: Do you want to continue acting when you grow up?
RG: It'd be cool to carry on doing films, but when I was a kid I wantedto be an ice cream man.
*Thanks to Leaky Cauldron for this bit of news

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