Saturday, July 24, 2004

Congradulations to Rowling
No, not on her book being finished.  Nice try though.  J.K. Rowling just announced at her website that she is now expecting her third child (due next year).  She had this to say at her site....
I am really delighted to say that I am expecting a third baby, who is due next year.  I always wanted three children, so I could not be happier.
    Now, I know that many Harry Potter fans' first reaction wil be what does this mean for the timing of book six?  (I'm not maligning you...I'm sure you're happy for me...but I know you realy want that book!)  So let me reassure you that book six remains well on track and, fingers crossed of course, I don't forsee any baby-related interruptions or delays.  I still can't say for sure when it will be finished, but I have written a lot and I reallly like it (a reckless challenge to fate, that; I bet the next chapter goes horribly wrong now).
So again, many congrats to you on your coming joy Joanne!

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