Thursday, June 03, 2004

Virus going after HP fans again
A virus had hit at the end of March through both emails and file sharing. This one targets Harry Potter fans, as that is what's written in its' content.
Netsky.P masks their viruses by using famous and popular things as its' content, and delivering instead (upon the user opening) its' virus. Since the opening of Harry Potters' The Prisoners of Azkaban, complaints about this worm have increased again, apparently it's been sent out with the popularity of the movie.
According to anti-virus firm Sophos, Netsky.P was the second most common virus in May, topped only by the infamous Sasser worm.
Please, if you do not know the user that has sent you emails, be Very cautious about opening unknowns. So far, these have been the latest reported files, and their misleading 'descriptions' under content:
Harry Potter 1-6 book.txt.exe
Harry Potter 5.mpg.exe
Harry Potter all
Harry Potter e book.doc.exe
Harry Potter game.exe
Harry Potter.doc.exe

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