Thursday, June 03, 2004

Daniel and Emma on Nickelodean
Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson on currently (yes, as in now) on Nickelodeans' Nick Pick. They were just asked to play a game, where they either have to answer questions or do something. Poor Emma, had to do five jumping jacks, as she was dressed up pretty in a blouse and mini-skirt said "WHAT?". They did well except for two things. One, Emmas' last question was "Name the four members or the Beatles." Which Daniel exclaimed..."You! Why'd they have to ask You that!" But she was able to pass the question to him. And another question, which totally stumped poor Daniel (which luckily Ms. Watson was able to answer)...."How do you spell Gryffindor?"
I have a feeling he will be heckled for some time to come on that one.
Just a little fun FYI. ;)

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