Thursday, May 27, 2004

Q&A with PoA cast
The Sun made a questionnaire of what it's like to grow up in the limelight, and how's affected some of the young stars of the Harry Potter cast.
What has been your most embarassing moment on set?
BONNIE: Luckily I haven't had any!
MATTHEW: Neville has a toad called Trevor and in one scene I had to hold him.
The first few takes went well but the toad got restless and decided to pee on me, so they gave me another one, which promptly peed on me as well.
DEVON: Probably the most embarrassing thing was my birthday, when all the cast, crew and extras started singing Happy Birthday and they brought out a cake.
It was really nice of them to do that but also a little embarrassing.
OLIVER: I fell over a broomstick while filming in Alnwick, Northumberland.
JAMES: When the whole of the Great Hall sang Happy Birthday to me and my brother two years running.

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