Saturday, April 10, 2004

Fleur Delacour chosen!
Veritaserum has reported from a girl who was in the top/last four for tryouts for the spot of Fleur, that Ms. Delacour has been chosen for the Goblet of Fire film. Though we do not know or have a name of the girl who Will be portraying her as of yet. Talent agent Danielle Symonds from Enchantment Casting had this to say: "All I know is that the girl who was chosen has experience, and has done some films before." "I was later told by Fiona [Weir], after she had looked at the DVD that Emilie had made, that there were already three Fleurs in the running, but that she still wished to show the DVD to the director," Symonds said. "About three weeks ago, I recieved another reply from Fiona, saying that the role had been cast; they had discussed Emilie but had chosen another girl. Basically, Emilie had reached the final four Fleur Delacours."
Thanks to Veritaserum for this news. For the whole article, go Here

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