Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Creative Learning for Higher Academics
Creative Learning Academy has taken a page out of the Harry Potter series, and into their now school rewards/disciplinary program.
At CLA, last summer it was decided to take the House Cup and Points system from the HP novels and adopt it to their school. Students were assigned to one of the four lairs named after Chinese dragons - Tatsu, Zaltis, Li-Lung and Nagas. Good behavior recieves them marbles (as is used for tallying house points), while bad will have them taken away. The system seems to be working better than anticipated. "Everyone is more competitive," said eighth-grader Max Rankin who recently received a marble for correcting his Spanish teacher on a quiz. "But it makes people work harder, and they help more around the school."
Eighth-graders became protective of the sixth-graders in their lair, instead of thinking of the younger students as "nerds."Students and teachers agree that the campus is much cleaner since a teacher set a precedent when she gave a marble to a student who picked up trash.
Permission slips and report cards are signed by parents and turned in promptly by students - heaven forbid a marble be subtracted for turning something in late.
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