Monday, March 22, 2004

The facts on Azkaban
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1. The doors to the Knight Bus will swing open for the first time in this movie. They created the bus by taking a British double-decker bus, adding a level and painting it purple.
2. You won't see those drab school uniforms this time around -- with a new director comes a new look for the movie's stars. They will wear everyday kid clothes more often than their uniforms to show each character's personality.
3. You don't have to see the Dementers to be scared -- according to the cast, just their cloaks were enough to make them run in the other direction! "I've seen some of the suits they wear and they frighten me!" Tom Felton says. "You wouldn't want to see one out and about -- that's for sure!"
4. Quick, take count! There are 1,100 teacups magically stacked in Professor Trelawney's classroom.
5. Watch the Shrieking Shack -- it really shakes, rattles, and rolls in this movie! The set was built on the windy hillside, so the moviemakers didn't need any special effects to make it move.
6. Much of the filming was done in Scotland, so the creators wanted to make sure a Highland cow (a special breed of cattle unique to Scotland) appeared in the movie. Look for one of the hairy animals with big horns in a Hogsmeade shop window.
7. Between takes, Emma Watson liked to play with director Alfonso Cuaron's hair because it was so long. She even put it in pigtails! "I'm his unofficial hair-stylist," Emma says.
8. There was an entire team of people whose only job was to create wrappers for the thousands of candies in Honeydukes!
9. Rupert Grint, whose character Ron spends a lot of time in Honeydukes, revealed what he thought were the best candies in the shops: "They have really cool sweets, but I liked the jelly skeletons and the jelly skull heads the best."
10. Cotton candy is called "candy floss" in England. The magical floss in Honeydukes has strands of the sugary stuff that stretches on throughout

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