Friday, March 12, 2004

Eyetoy puts you inside the PoA game
Electronic Arts has allied with Sony to become the first third-party publisher to make use of the EyeToy peripheral, the two companies announced today, in a collaboration that will see Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban utilise the popular peripheral, including its little-used microphone aspect.
Due out on May 28th - one week prior to the Prisoner Of Azkaban's film premiere - EA's game will allow players to wear the famous Sorting Hat, and take part in a variety of Potter-themed mini-games involving catching Chocolate Frogs, playing Exploding Snap, chasing the Snitch on the Qudditch field and exploding Dungbombs.
Speaking to today, EA also revealed that players would be able to repel attacks from Peeves - one of the Hogwarts school's resident ghosts - using the previously untouched microphone features of the EyeToy camera to issue commands.

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