Thursday, February 26, 2004

WB confirms one rumor, dismisses another
Well, WB has set the record straight. Studio insiders at Warner Brothers confirmed to Newsround Online that the preview took place on 23 February. A Review from the screening has already appeared on a film gossip website. It said that the film was "a huge improvement over the first two films". Though the review said that the special effects weren't all finished. For example Buckbeak the Hippogriff was nearly done in some scenes, but not finished in other scenes. It didn't mention the Dementors much, but did say that "there's a neat scene early on where their approach is forewarned by ice spreading across a window and into a nearby bottle". Studios often carry out test screenings while the movie is still being completed to see which parts audiences like and don't like, so that they can still tweak the movie before it's finished. Although our studio insider confirmed that the test screening definitely happened last week, they also shot down another rumour circulating around the internet telling us that "Viktor Krum has NOT been cast as yet!"

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