Saturday, January 03, 2004

Hi Folks - happy 2004 to you all!, we've all been away for the holidays so here we go with all our new news :

First, a fantastic report from Sarah, who recently caught a completely new version of The Prisoner of Azkaban trailer which sounds awesome. Were currently trying to track this down, but she did a great job of remembering all that it contained and sending us this memo.

Heres a full report of the contents :
Today, January 1st, I visited my local movie theatre.
On the first floor near the exit, there were four monitors showing all the coming-soon movie promotional videos.

As i was watching, not paying much attention, to my surprise, they showed POA trailer (or promo video) that I`ve never seen before!, my jaw dropped, and then I waited for another 15 min. or so for it to be repeated, WOW!, Of course, I did not have any means of taking images, so I really tried to remember them.
After I saw it twice, I took some memos about what was on.

THEY MAY NOT BE IN ORDER. There were many many flashes of pictures in a short space of time...
(If ive missed anything out ill add it as i remember)

My memo.
-The begining (trailer of promo video) was close-up of some swings at night (with quiet -Hedwig`s theme).
-Swings, seesaws and other playthings in a dark park. (near Magnolia Crescent, I guess)
-Harry dropped to the ground (after he saw padfoot, I guess)
-Dumbledore making his famous speech in front of the school, "Welcome, welcome to another year at Hogwarts!"
-Choirs start singing "Double Trouble" song... (The song was not loud like in the previous trailer.)
-Harry with his trunk on the ground. The bright lights of the Knight Bus suddenly hit him and surprises him.
-Aunt Marge blowing up... Somebody in Dursleys shouts, "Marge!!"
-Knight Bus taking a really wild left turn.
-The Leaky Cauldron?? Somebody eerie-looking (bold hair, old, humpback) is opening the door and letting Harry inside.
-Hogwarts Express in close-up
-Inside the Hogwarts Express. In a compartment, the windows are strangely foggy (with moisture? or from coldness?) There is Ron`s hand print on the fogged window (he was touching it, I guess.) Ron and Hermione are taking a look outside and Ron says there is something strange going on (I`m sorry, I don`t remember his line.)
-Harry is under something (beige-colored cloth? cloak?) (apparently hiding) and he has a parchment (or book) and his wand out. He calls out "Lumos Maxima!" and the wand tip glows white. (Hey, we`ve never heard of this spell.)
-Snow-covered landscape. Probably from the top of the hill. There is a building (house? or shack?) down the hill. Two figures (Hermione and Ron?) are looking down the snow covered slope. They are wearing knitted caps. One with knittted cap with ear flap. (I think this is Ron, but not sure.) Ron stretches out his hand. (I`m totally not sure about this part. The figure to your right moved.)
-Lupin`s class. Neville`s turn to try Boggart. Lupin says you should not be scared and think something happy. (Again, I don`t remember the line..sorry.) Then, Snape appears and he is turned to Neville`s Gran.
-Snow-covered landscape. Somebody (student) is falling on his behind and slides all the way down the hill. We can`t see his face. He wears furry-looking black hat and black cloak.
-Lupin standing to protect students. (in class or in the express? It did not look like Shrieking Shack because there seemed to be more than trio around... Again, I`m not sure.)
-Harry is peeping under something. (under something flat and square like a bed)
-The Leaky Cauldron(?), Mr. Weasley says "Swear to me. You won`t go looking for Black."
-The Leaky Cauldron, Harry says to Mr. Weasley "Why would I go looking for someone who wants to kill me?"
-Somebody very skinny with bald white head and face appears. He is dressed in black robes. He has fearful red-and-white sort of face. Boggart??? (I think I saw his eyes, so he`s probably not a Dementor. Also, he wasn`t hooded. Could this be Voldemort-Boggart???)
-Filming scene. Trio laughing. They wear knitted caps. (Again, I think I saw Ron wearing knitted cap with ear flaps.) Cuaron energetically directing. Many many crew members around. David Heyman, too. Narration voice introduces Cuaron as the new director for this film. Narration also mentions that Columbus is among them for production. (Actually, this part was long but I don`t remember well.)
-New casts are introduced with titles. Julie Christie as Madam Rosmeralda, Michael Gambon as Dumbledore, David Thewlis as Lupin and Gary Oldman as Sirius. Their figures in their roles show up as titleback. (It was too hard to see with their names all over the monitor screen.)
-Cuaron and Dan standing and smiling. Cuaron says that he is honored to inherit the movie.... glad to be able to work with Dan. (Sorry again, I don`t remember well. He said "inherit" and "Dan" for sure.)
-Movie title shows up before Dan makes the final comment. (But I`m not sure...)
-Cuaron and Dan standing and smiling. Day says "It will be fantastic!" The end.

NOT shown in this trailor (or movie promo video) but shown in the previous trailor.
-Hogwarts express on the bridge
-Carriages w/o horse in the rain
-Aunt Marge blown up high above the sky (this time it showed how blowing started)
-Draco Malfoy sending Origami Crane to Harry
-Hogsmeade in nice weather
-Close-up of Choir singing
-"Wanted Poster" of Sirius
-Close-up of Crookshanks
-Snape and Harry scene in Trailer one. (Snape has his wand lit up.)
-Harry`s back with with an owl flying outward
-Close-up of Sirius Black in Azkaban cell
-Snape standing up and protecting the trio
-Shrieking Shack scenes
-Big Stones on the green hill
-Trio hiding behind the giant pumpkins
-Hagrid hands up and saying something
-Dumbledore lighting the candle with his hand
-Hogsmeade main street in snow
-Close-up of Professor McGonagall
-Harry in a room with many many candles
-Dementor`s hand
-Thanks again Sarah for the exclusive!

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