Tuesday, September 23, 2003

This from TLC...

According to the AP, Scholastic is finally embracing the fact that Harry Potter isn't just for kids and, in fact, has quite a large adult audience.

The ad shows a tattooed biker, scowling and shaggy-haired, against a harsh backdrop of blue and black.

"Flying cars. Fire Whiskey. Death Eaters," reads the caption above the picture.

At the bottom, next to the catch phrase "We all have our reasons. What's yours?" comes the real pitch:

"There's some pretty tough stuff in Harry Potter -- bad guys so bad they're called Death Eaters. That's one of the wicked reasons even bikers think Harry Potter is cool enough to ride with them."

Thanks to DoctorAicha for pointing out that the biker in the ad is Indian Larry.

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