Monday, September 01, 2003

August 12 report from PoA set

Thanks to ZBakshi for this news.


I just noticed this report back from August 12 at, which mentions Emma quite a bit. You can read the full report here.

A few excerpts:

"Cast are up early to begin filming by 9. Cars pull in and out continously, people carriers, flashy cars, and limosines. We catch a glimpse of Emma Watson (Hermione), and Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) as he arrives in his car. The doubles of Harry, Ron and Hermione soon exit trailers, dressed in white shirts and Hogwarts school ties. The resemblence is unbelievable, from a distance they almost look like the real thing.

Rupert Grint comes out of his trailer and signs copies of Harry Potter books. He walks right up to our fence which is about chest high, (much easier for autographs than later).He seems a little shy, but doesn't mind signing. Emma Watson also comes out to sign books of fans. Then they leave to prepare for the first shoot of the day.

The doubles and the main cast are seen together in the car park. Emma Watson and her double seem to be getting on well, we see them walking together behind a group to lunch. some of the main cast and doubles enter a trailer, loud music is soon playing we recognize the tune its Beyonces single "Crazy in Love". More music is heard for quite a while.

After about three takes, the cast take a break, with drinks biscuits and a large supply of watermelon. Everyone is in a generally good mood. Rupert Grint(Ron), Mathew Lewis (Neville), Emma Watson(Hermione), Tom Felton (Draco) and many of the extras come down to the fence, to sign autographs.

Visitors shuffled and passed their books under the fence, and they were quickly signed by the cast. It reminded me of a scene from a an old war movie, it seemed ridiculous to have to push books under the fence over soil, It was really quite strange.

Emma crouched down and pulled the books under the fence. Others reached high over the fence ,trying to pass their books over, scrambling for Contact.

Rupert Grints' Appearance was met with enthusiasm by all, "Its Mr Ron" shouted a small boy, which brought a smile to Ruperts face. He was happy to sign almost everything (even a paper plate), Emma Watson was extremely kind, "poor things ,I'm so sorry you've been waiting so long" to a group of young kids who had been on site since 10."

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